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Let’s play “Guess who’s in the briefcase?”



"Tsukiyama belongs in the trash"


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the fact that tsukiyama shuu is going to kill himself from starvation, rotting in the place where kaneki left him is one of the saddest things about this shit last chapter and that really says something. 

I think no one in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom is surviving.

That’s right. That’s why 143 is the last chapter. Because all of Ishida-sensei’s readers are dead and all future readers will be after that chapter. No one will survive to read 144 so it will never be made. *jumps off a cliff*

Anonymous sent:
So what if Tsukyama is just laying there still, when suddenly Kaneki's scent pops up and he's ultra-shocked and he sees a pair of feet. Then suddenly a suit-case is dropped onto the ground and he hear's a gentle un-clicking sound and then it hits him--


I don’t even want to think about it